April 12, 2013-We were moving from an apartment to our new house. We originally planned to move as many of the boxes as possible and just hire a mover to move big pieces of furniture. After running back and forth numerous times and feeling stiff and sore for days, we decided maybe we were getting to old to move heavy things ourselves.

E-Z Movers had an opening the day after we called. They were able to move nearly the entire contents of the apartment to the house in a few hours. Furthermore, the move cost quite a bit less than we had planned.

The crew was very professional, pleasant and helpful.


January 05, 2013-My choice of using E-Z Movers was entirely based up on prior Angie’s list feedback from their previous customers.

What other reviewers had written about E-Z Movers is true. What a great service. This company is terrific. Mr. James Helms, the CEO of E-Z Movers, fit me into his crowded schedule during the Holidays. He was pleasant, courteous, reliable, and was extremely generous with his advice.

I would wholeheartedly recommend and already have recommended E-Z Movers to others as a moving company. I will only use E-Z Movers should I ever need to relocate again. You won’t be disappointed.


October 19, 2012-They moved everything from our two bedroom apartment to our new home about 20 minutes away. They were fast, efficient and not too expensive!


November 20, 2012-We recently sold our home of 22 years and found out on November 15 that the new owners wanted to take possession on November 20. I called E-Z Movers and the office staff (Connie) was very helpful and understanding of the stress we were under. She was able to get a crew together for the 20th. They were just a little late arriving but started working right away and from the time they started until they were finished was 11.5 hours. They didn't even take a break for lunch. Our move was only 4 miles from our last home, so I picked up subs on our way to our new home and they took maybe 15 minutes to eat. They were courteous, professional and very helpful through the whole process. If they saw me struggling with something, they took the time to help me. I can't say enough about how great I thought they were.


June 12, 2012-The day of the move it rained during the first two hours. This did not slow them down at all. They laid down mats to protect the rugs. They all worked hard, and they packed up my house in two hours. (I did not move any appliances.) When they arrived at my new house, if boxes weren't labeled, they would ask where to put them. They placed the furniture carefully and even gave me a few suggestions on how to place it. They unpacked the truck and placed the boxes and furniture in two hours. So , with one hour of driving time--to Hamlin and from Hamlin to Greece. The whole move was done in 5 hours. I really liked the guys on the crew. They worked very hard, and they were very careful with my belongings. Nothing was damaged in the move. It was an excellent experience, and I definitely would use E-Z Movers again. I have already recommended them to a couple of friends who are considering moves in the near future.


August 18, 2011-Moved a two bedroom home into another home. The move went great! The two men arrived on time and ready to move. They were very careful with all my furniture. The new place I was moving into was a 3-story condo with many winding staircases. They managed to get everything in its place without scuffing the walls or damaging anything. E-Z Movers is great and I would use them again.


June 16, 2011-We used E-Z Movers to move into our new home. The crew was very careful with my furniture. They were also very friendly and professional. I have moved several times and was very happy with this company. They arrived on time. They used pads and protected my furniture and my walls. They were a hardworking but fun group.


July 01, 2011-I hired Jim Helms and E-Z Movers to move my household from Rochester, NY to the Boston area. They were fantastic! Jim had come a month before to give an estimate for the move. I also got estimates from two other companies. The other companies were not so thorough in their estimate and I knew from experience were estimating the weight for the move way too low. E-Z Movers' estimate felt much more realistic to me, and in fact, even that estimate was 2,000 pounds under. This was a very big move!

The crew arrived promptly and set to work. There were a total of 6 guys to move us out of our big house in Rochester, including several very heavy and valuable pieces of furniture, like a 1923 Steinway grand piano. They were professional and worked non-stop. Their energy and attention to detail and care was fantastic. They didn't stop until the house was empty--it was a 12-hour day for them.

On the Boston end, they arrived at the agreed upon time and began unloading. The unload crew was a total of 3 guys, all of whom had been with us from the beginning. So they knew the furniture, what they had taken apart and how to put it back together, etc. This was important to me to have the same crew for the whole move. It makes a huge difference. There were some challenges on moving in to the new house due to the design of the house, but they handled those challenges with ease, never once complaining about anything. I tell you, they were a gift from heaven.

I recommend Jim Helms and E-Z Movers especially for long-distance moves without hesitation. In fact, when the time comes to move again (hopefully not too soon!), I will call them to come to Boston to move me. They are that good!

Scott W.- APEX, NC

May 11, 2010-We were preparing our house to be put on the market, so we needed to clear out a lot of stuff that had accumulated over the years. The job involved moving approx.. 100 household items (already boxed) from various floors of our home and a few pieces of furniture into a nearby mini-storage location. The job went much better than expected. I contacted the company based on reviews from Angie’s list. I explained what I needed and some of the unique issues with the job. The company listened and was sensitive to each issue. The move was scheduled for about a week out from my first contact with the company. The company did a check-in the day before the move. The movers showed up 2 minutes early. There were two movers assigned to this job - John and Mike. Both movers were professional, polite and very careful with our stuff. No dings, scratches on any wall or any item. Yet, these guys really hustled. No breaks, no cell phones, no text messaging, no wasted motion- just flat-out 100% effort (and good teamwork) from the minute they arrived. They charged $75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Travel charges did not apply in my case. The job took 1 hr 15 minutes. I would use this moving company again.


November 17,2008

Moved from a two story town house, into a ranch. E-Z Movers moved everything we asked them to.

Other than showing up at the back end of their stated 11-2 time (they were within the time, I was impatient) everything went great. They asked for a quick tour and got right to work. They were quick, gentle with our stuff loading it onto the truck. We managed to fill up the entire truck in three hours. They did forget a couple of boxes, but we didn't have to be out of our old place, so it isn't a big deal. We met up at our new house and they cranked it out in an hour and a half. We told them where to put everything and it all got where it need to go, pretty painless. Now we have to unpack the boxes, ugh. E-Z Movers were terrific, professional and we would use them again for anything we need.