Packing & Storage

E-Z Movers Inc. is here to help when you need to get your belongings organized. Our experienced, well-trained team offers complete packing and storage services to get your belongings packed up and put safely into our storage or a storage facility of your choosing. Our on-site warehouse features secure containerized storage to keep your possessions safely stored away while moving, renovating, or reorganizing.

E-Z Movers Inc. can help with all your moving related needs including:

  • Packing Services
  • Custom Crating
  • Storage
  • Moving Supplies
  • Boxes, Tape, Paper, and More.....

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Packing Tips

Use sturdy cartons that close.

Place crinkled up paper in the bottom of the box for cushioning.

Wrap all your belongings in paper for protection during shipping.

Build up in layers inside the box, starting with the heaviest and ending with the lightest.

As you finish each layer, add crinkled up paper between each layer for cushioning and leveling.

Tape the bottom and top of each box with packing tape. (No duct tape!) 

Avoid overloading boxes, but always fill the box full to avoid crushing, fill empty spaces with paper.

Note: Books should be put in small cartons not weighing more than forty pounds.

When packing dishes we recommend using Dish Barrels which have a double wall construction.

Note: Dish barrels are usually only sold at moving companies.

Place 3 inches of crinkled up paper in the bottom of the dish barrel for cushioning.

Start with larger heavier dishes like platters, casserole dishes, plates, etc…

Wrap each dish with paper, some of the heavier dishes require double wrap.

As you finish each layer add crinkled up paper between each layer for cushioning and leveling.

Build up layers and put all dishes vertical in the dish barrel including glasses.

When packing large paintings and large mirrors we recommend adjustable mirror cartons.

Note: Mirror cartons are usually only sold at moving companies and are adjustable up to 40x60.

The mirror or painting should be placed in the middle of the carton with 2 inches of crinkled up paper around the frame.

Note: Paper never should be permitted to touch the surface of an oil painting.

When packing glass, marble, or granite tops, large mirrors, statues & large vases, it’s best to consult with your moving company about custom-made cartons and crates for these items.

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